Pasture, Rangeland, & Forage (PRF) Insurance

Protect your investment from a lack of precipitation.

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What Is PRF Insurance?

PRF coverage protects your haying and/or grazing operation in the event of dry weather. Landlords, tenants, and owner/operators in the contiguous 48 United States can purchase coverage for the acres used. You must buy coverage by December 1 for coverage the following year (January – December). Coverage is established in 2-month intervals.

The PRF Insurance program is sold by private insurance agents and coverage is guaranteed by private insurance companies and the USDA. The USDA also provides premium assistance by covering between 51% and 59% of the premium costs, based on the producer’s selected coverage level.

PRF is an area insurance plan and does not measure, capture, or use any actual crop production, so there is no loss adjustment to determine the final indemnity.

When securing PRF coverage from MOMENTUM AG, you gain access to expert insurance agents who work closely with you to determine your specific needs. This empowers you to remain in complete control of your risk management strategy, protecting your operation with precision and confidence.

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How Does PRF Insurance Work?

The PRF program uses weather data collected by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration to determine rainfall levels for the various 2-month index intervals. When the final grid index falls below your coverage level, an indemnity is triggered for the 2-month interval.

PRF insurance coverage is based on rainfall rather than yields to more accurately measure forage production and different management practices that affect forage production and yield. Because there is a high correlation between rainfall and forage production, your indemnity payments would offset the cost of purchasing replacement feed.

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